2015-2025 Watershed Management Plan

The Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization works with residents, organizations, and its member communities of Afton, Bayport, Baytown Township, Lakeland Shores, Lakeland, Lake St. Croix Beach, Oak Park Heights, St. Mary’s Point, Stillwater and West Lakeland Township to collectively protect and manage the quality of water resources in an efficient and effective manner.

Watershed organizations must update their Watershed Management Plan once every ten years. The 2015-2025 MSCWMO Watershed Management Plan was adopted on September 23, 2015.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Mike Isensee, MSCWMO Administrator at misensee@mnwcd.org or 651-330-8220 x22.


2015-2025 MSCWMO Watershed Management Plan


Figure 1.1 Member Communities, Lakes and Streams
Figure 2.1 Profiles of Representative Bedrock Formations
Figure 2.2 Bedrock Geology
Figure 2.3 Surficial Geology
Figure 2.4 Surficial Soils by Hydrologic Drainage Classification
Figure 2.5 Soil Erosivity (By T-Value)
Figure 2.6 Major and Minor Subwatersheds
Figure 2.7 Wetlands and Their MnRAM Functional Classifications
Figure 2.8 Summer Total Phosphorous Concentrations in Lakes
Figure 2.9 Land Use and Gravel Mines
Figure 2.10 Land Cover
Figure 2.11 Future Land Use
Figure 2.12 DNR Protected Waters
Figure 2.13 Parks and Protected Lands and Easements
Figure 2.14 2005-2006 Gully Inventory
Figure 2.15 Water Table System Sensitivity to Pollution
Figure 2.16 Prairie du Chien-Jordan Aquifer Sensitivity to Pollution
Figure 2.17 Drinking Water Supply Management Area Vulnerability


Appendix A Subwatershed Area and Drainage Summary
Appendix B Wetland Inventory
Appendix C Stormwater Retrofit Assessments (Lily, McKusick, Perro Creek, Lake St. Croix Direct)
Appendix D 2013 Water Quality Monitoring Report
Appendix E Aquatic Plant Management Plans for Lily and McKusick
Appendix F Plan Update Collaboration Activities
Appendix G Joint Powers Agreement
Appendix H MIDS Design Sequence Flow Chart
Appendix I Maintenance Agreement Format


2006-2015 MSCWMO Watershed Management Plan