The Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization (MSCWMO) is a Joint Powers Watershed Management Organization (WMO) composed of ten St. Croix Valley communities: Afton, Bayport, Baytown Township, Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, Lake St. Croix Beach, Oak Park Heights, St. Mary’s Point, Stillwater, and West Lakeland Township. We cooperatively manage the water resources within the Middle St. Croix watershed.

The Middle St. Croix watershed encompasses approximately 19.8 square miles and is located in the east-central part of Washington County. The watershed is unique in that it has many small, parallel watersheds that all flow to the St. Croix, whereas the other watersheds in the County generally have one major drainage with a headwaters and outlet. Land use in the watershed is evenly distributed between agricultural uses, rural residential and high-density residential/commercial land uses.

The MSCWMO is overseen by a board made up of ten managers, one from each member community.